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live your dreams  -  funky jazz-pop-soul

There are lots of new songs & a few highlights from my first Album "smile on my face", my awesome musicians (!), funky grooves, jazz-ballads, some scat singing, words to think and smile about and much more!

I am very excited & I hope to see you there!   ICH FREUE MICH AUF EUCH!


Heribert Kohlich -  piano/ keys   

Gina Schwarz - bass 

Martin Peham - drums

Gudula Urban - vocals, cello, comp.







to  listen to new music click here here:



    of Gudula Urban & Band:

THANK you all..
for coming to our CD release at Porgy & Bess, for the full and sold out house! Thanks to Porgy for having us, to our wonderful featured guests, ant to all of your for buying our CDs...
it was so much fun and such an honor!


The Vienna-based singer/songwriter & cellist/composer Gudula Urban feels at home in jazz, blues, pop & funk as well as in classical music. After having studied cello in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria and the USA, she worked as a university cello instructor in Bangkok Thailand and has performed as a soloist, a chamber- and orchestra musician and band member all over the world.

While doing so she always sought ways to express her ideas through her own projects - writing songs and instrumental pieces, improvising whenever fitting, and jamming and collaborating with creative musicians wherever she went.

Besides still playing classical concerts, she currently performs extensively with the very creative celloquartet Extracello, with the jazz & world music - trio Urban Shoe and last but not least with her very own, newly restarted funky jazz-pop group

Gudula Urban & Band!


eXtracello -


4 cellos, 4 cellists, coffee - and lots of crazy ideas...

This is our official video! enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Urban Shoe  live

 Our debut concert @ Akkordeonfestival 2013 in Vienna: almost sold out - with a wonderful enthusiastic audience!

All original music, a wild blend of jazz, world music and with bits of classical and funk and Balkan elements and lots of improvisation!

Paul Schuberth - accordeon, voc.

Gudula Urban - cello, vocal

Willi Platzer - percussion

eXtracello's ORF & 3Sat TV - documentary on Youtube now:

"4 Frauen und ein Instrument" by Margarita Prybil and her team, a 25 minute documentary about our quartet.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS 2017 - Closing Ceremony on March 24th 2017 - 7pm!


I feel very privileged to be playing at this special event with the amazingly talented Winner of "America's got Talent 2016" Grace VanderWaal!

You can watch the Ceremony on most local TV stations, in Austria on


You can watch the Video here!

I very much enjoyed the experience to perform with the very talented Grace VanderWaal and my other wonderful colleagues!

© 2019 by Gudula Urban

2. März 2020

Villach, AT

7. März 2020

Innsbruck, AT

12. März 2020 ABGESAGT!!

Kulturforum Rom, IT

21. März 2020 ABGESAGT!!

Bühne Purkersdorf, AT

3. April 2020 ABGESAGT!!

Peterskirche Wien, AT

Haydn: 7 Letzte Worte

18. Apr. 2020 ABGESAGT!!

Göttweig, Literatur & Wein, AT

19. Apr. 2020 ABGESAGT!!

Schloß Wolkersdorf, AT

21. Apr. 2020

Fürstenfeld, AT

30. Apr. 2020

Hartberg, AT

SaTierisches mit Saitenzunder

30.4.-3.5. 2020 ABGESAGT!!


Impro Workshop

1. Juni 2020

Porgy & Bess Wien, AT

24. Sept. 2020

Spielboden Dornbirn, AT

26. Sept. 2020

Radenthein, AT

7. Juni 2020

Rabenstein, AT

4. Jul. 2020

Musikfest Waidhofen/ Thaya, A

18. Jul. 2020

Salzburger Festspiele Eröffnung, AT

24. Jul. 2020

Gmünd, Prechody, AT

5. Sept. 2020

St. Valentin, AT

26. Jul. 2020

Wellenklänge/ Lunz, AT

3.- 9. Aug. 2020

Artcross Bad Leonfelden, OÖ

9. Oct. 2020

Amerlinghaus Wien, A

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