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Gudula Urban & Band

jazz, soul, pop, gospel & more

With a mix of jazz, pop, latin, funk, gospel and more Gudula invites the listener into her world of music!

Gudula Urban is a Vienna-based singer/songwriter/cellist who is at home in jazz, soul and gospel as well as in classical music. She has studied cello in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria and the USA, worked as a university cello instructor in Bangkok, Thailand and has performed as a soloist, a chamber and orchestra musician and band member all over the world....

urban shoe

jazz, world music and more

All original music, a wild blend of jazz, world music and  classical, with bits of funk and Balkan elements and lots of improvisation

Paul Schuberth - accordeon, voice 

Gudula Urban - cello, voiceWilli Platzer - percussion


4 cellos, 4 cellists and lots of crazy ideas

The four ladies love to experiment with everything possible and impossible in their instruments, jazz, classical, rock, baroque, noises, pop, sounds - whatever they enjoy playing...


real time compositions on cello & hang

The duo is not performing at the moment, but you will be able to listen to music on here shortly, or you can order the CD "on the move" by clicking on CONTACT and filling out the form there!

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